About Pui Groups

The Pui Groups is a Miri-based family business pioneered by Pui Voon Pit, Pui Voon Lu, Pui Voon Choi, Pui Voon Het and Pui Chin Feau. Pui is derived from family surname 贝. Started up in 1940s with pepper and tobacco farming business and eventually ventured into timber logging and saw milling business.

Pui Groups is at present the 4th generation family business and it has been diversified to shipping, quarry, hotelier, construction, property development, restaurants, ITs, oil palm plantation and milling and tourism.

The Pui Groups, after more than 70 years, is now still growing strong towards excellence and accomplishing sustainability in business due to trust and passion amongst family members, good management and governance, open and sincere communication, competent employees, confidence and support from the customers and also acknowledgment from the society. The Pui Groups, therefore, is passionately dedicated to create more sustainable and profitable businesses that benefit the company, employees, society and environment.