As Pui Groups is active in property development business, venturing in producing high quality building materials is our key interest of business. We process sand from river for various uses. Some of the major uses are concrete batching, land filling, plastering and fabricating bricks. There are two major sand products we sell.

1. Fine Washed Sand

Washed Fine sands particles sized approximately 2mm. It can be used as plastering sand and roof tiles manufacturing. It has several origins. Different origin has different type and quality. The composition of sand is highly variable, depending on the origins. Our geographic footprint, coupled with logistics, helps to give our customers high quality products at the lowest landed cost.

2. Unwashed Sand

Unwashed sand is cheap and relative lower in price. Mostly the unwashed sand is used for filling ponds, road constructions and land filling.

Please contact us for more information of our building material products. We do also provide land, river and sea transportation for our products logistic arrangement.

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