What is lighterage? This is ship to ship, or ship to barge transfer of cargos which usually is conducted at outer anchorage. Virtually any cargo can be transferred, however careful planning and coordination required.

Lighterage is one of our specialty after having operated this business for decades. We own many fleets of tug boats and barges and provide complete line of marine services from barge contracting services, freight transportation, towing and sea lighterage solutions for both cargo transfer jobs and emergency salvage operations.

To provide high quality of service, we use top of the line high capacity equipment. Our experienced managerial and technical staff teamed with our efficient chartering department forms the backbone of our professional operation.

Having successfully completed numerous lighterage operations, on behalf of various customers of esteem, we can confidently offer our services.

Operates through our subsidiary company Shing Liang Shipping Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated to provide excellent service and focusing on the special needs of each client has allowed us to grow into a world leader in providing discharging, bagging and lighterage services locally.

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