Dynasty Chinese Restaurant has been a prestigious name among the locals for a long time. It is located at the BEI COMPLEX next to Dynasty Hotel, in Miri Town Centre. The restaurant is renowned for its wide array of sumptuous traditional and authentic Chinese dishes in a refined setting (Signature dishes from our experienced and inspired chef are the infamous roasted suckling pig, Peking Duck, stewed Park ribs, mixed fruits duck and so much more.

Apart from the classic Chinese dishes, we also serve subtle and spicy local dishes. Each of these dishes is priced reasonably without compromising its taste. The place has received plenty of praise and loyal customers along the way.

The restaurant is a popular place for various events such as social occasions, celebrations, meetings and parties. The main restaurant at the ground floor is designed with open area sitting arrangement, whilst at first floor, various capacities of elegant enclosed private dining rooms concept serve as private meeting and dining function allowing the guests enjoy privately to the fullest.

Restaurant Location